October 21, 2008

OPEN SPECTRUM is part of RESET festival


Thursday, October 23, 2008

4:00-5:30 Spectres of the Spectrum, film by Craig Baldwin

5:30-5:45 Discussion of the film, with coffee

5:45-6:15 Open Spectrum Now, talk by Robert Horvitz

6:15-6:30 Break, browsing Atlas of Electromagnetic Space by José Luis de Vicente and Irma Vilà

6:30-7:15 Public Spaces in the Spectrum, teletalk by Matthew Biederman in Montreal

7:15-7:35 Open-Sound-Close-Circuits, talk by Milos Vojtechovsky

7:35-9:00 Waves – lecture by Linda Vebere and discussion


Call for participation

September 21, 2008

We are offering several slots for short panel presentations to artists, curators as well as scientists.

If you want to join us, send your abstract and short bio to

Deadline: 10.10.2008

“Open Spectrum” (see also the featured project, film and presentation) is based on the realization that it is no longer necessary for governments to micro-manage use of the radio frequency spectrum. Digital devices like cellphones, RFID chips and Wi-Fi cards are smart enough to do that on their own. The relaxation of bureaucratic controls is now allowing new wireless applications to develop. At the same time, the logical progression of art from permanent objects to temporary installations suggests that the creation of ad hoc social channels is the next important step for artists to explore. Let us discuss “open spectrum” and weave these converging threads together. 

Mini-symposium will be held on Thursday, October 23, 2008, between 4 – 9 PM at Prague CIANT GALLERY (street: Krizkovskeho 18) as part of the RESET festival.

Co-Chairs: Pavel Sedlak (CZ) and Robert Horvitz (USA)


Project by CIANT – International Centre for Art and New Technologies.

In association with Open Spectrum Foundation.

Main partner is the City of Prague.

Co-financed by Prague 3 Municipality and Czech Ministry of Culture.