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Spectres of the Spectrurm by Craig Baldwin

Spectres of the Spectrum (2002) is a feature-length film that uses old ‘kinescopes’ (filmed records of early TV broadcasts before the advent of videotape, mostly from the late Fifties’ educational show called ‘Science in Action’) to create an eerie science fiction time-travel tale, in which the characters save the planet from a futuristic war-machine, inspired by “HAARP,” the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Although HAARP seems to be a data-gathering tool to explore the Aurora Borealis in detail, it is in fact one of the most sophisticated components of the Star Wars weapons arsenal.

Through an increasingly abstract montage of live-action, archival film, broadcast video, and interviews, the narrative becomes disjointed, suggesting the breakdown of personal ego, memory, and historical representation.

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