Featured project

Atlas of Electromagnetic Space

A project by José Luis de Vicente and Irma Vilà in collaboration with Bestiario.

Commissioned by AV Festival 08 and NOW – CCCB Barcelona

The Atlas of Electromagnetic Space is an interactive visualization of the Radio Spectrum, and a database of artistic and social interventions that have been developed in the last decades that employ radio technologies. Projects are catalogued according to the frequencies they occupy. On one level, the aim of the project is to build a clear and comprehensible representation that will allow users to understand how the spectrum works in scientific terms, how is it regulated, and what is exactly its relationship with common technologies present in everyday life like Radio, TV, WiFi, Mobile Telephony, and many others. But the most important objective of the Atlas is creating an archive of all the different interventions in Hertzian Space conceived and executed by artists, designers, social movements, activists, hackers and other members of civil society. We believe this to be specially important because it demonstrates how alternative readings and perspectives on these technologies, and the policies regulating them, can enrich their social and cultural potential beyond their designated uses. These interventions are also an outstanding example of how different social forces are reclaiming a participatory role in the political processes governating the Spectrum, where usually only telecommunication industries and official commitees have a voice.


1. Go here 

2. To Navigate the Atlas, please move from left to right with the mouse. You can zoom in and out of the frequencies with the sliders in the Dial, at the bottom of the screen.

WIth the Icon at the Top Left corner, you can toggle the view from the vertical Axis to the Horizontal Axis.

The Vertical Axis represents the Frequency Allocation Chart. Every Frecuency Range allocated to a specific service is represented in the same colour. When more than a colour appears in the same Frequency range, it means the top color identifies the primary usage designation, and the colour at the bottom is a secondary possible designation for other services.

The Horizontal Axis represents the database of projects, placed according to the frequency range they “inhabit”. You can acess the information about every different project clicking on the striped band icons that represent them.

Please note that since some projects use a single radio technology with a very narrow frequency range, they appear as thin lines. Others that use several different technologies or are located on wider frequency ranges will appear as longer bands.


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